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 California rules on Prop8

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PostCalifornia rules on Prop8

Subject: Tomorrow 3/5 Prop 8 is challenged for good Today at 1:50 am

As you know the state of CA voted to allow same sex couples the right to marry and that right was recinded on the night President Obama was elected president. On 3/5/09 the CA Supreme Court will decide whether mob rule can legally remove a civil right granted a minority in the State of CA. This decision will set a far reaching precident that will affect ALL minorities everywhere in the U.S.A. This is of particular interest to intersexed people whose birth certificate sex doesn't match the sex they were ultimately assigned and can't get changed to match. It is of interest to intersexed people who are partnered to members of their legal sex. Although I was able to marry a woman in 1981 because I didn't need a birth certificate back then I do now to get married. Despite the fact that my birth certificate sex is female NYS has told me I can't marry my male partner because my whole life has been lived as a male, but I also couldn't marry a woman anymore because my birth certificate places me as female. In other words I can't marry anybody anymore in NY. As the sex of couples becomes irrelevant to whether or not they can marry it makes it easier for those of us who aren't exactly male or female to marry. Tomorrow is an important day for us all.
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California rules on Prop8 :: Comments

Re: California rules on Prop8
Post on Thu 05 Mar 2009, 12:00 pm by Andre
My thoughts will be with you, supporting you, Jim.

Let us know how it went, we would be most interested.
Re: California rules on Prop8
Post on Sat 07 Mar 2009, 2:22 pm by Kimberly83
Wow, please do keep us udpated. This indeed affects us all...
Re: California rules on Prop8
Post on Sat 07 Mar 2009, 5:50 pm by Gina
the MP3 of this is at
Re: California rules on Prop8
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California rules on Prop8

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