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In a relatively short time we will be coming up to our 3rd anniversary of GendersInX’s existence here in this server (GIX originated Feb 9th 2006 in another). As it started from humble beginnings, GIX has blossomed to the Forum you see now and I am certain that will continue to expand not only in knowledge but be rich in the people herein.

I would like to keep you apprised on the different projects that have been going on in GendersInX :

Lawrence was heading up the Peer Support team but due to the lack of participation we have decided to give Lawrence the task to welcome in new members himself. I am quite pleased that he is doing a very good job in that respect. Most of you have already gotten a welcome from him.

I am currently working on a website that includes not only this forum, but two other forums that Gina, Mamaniq and I are administrating. I will also include blogs from either our members here and/or from others who are influential in the quest for a better understanding of our individual conditions and Intersex as a whole.

ParentsInX’s graphic database was wiped out so I am in the middle of trying to re-coop some of the graphics that I keep on file as well as update it, maybe give it a new look. We are starting to see more parents coming into the forum and I have gotten a bunch of new links and emails of people who would like to be direct resources near to the geographical region the parent(s) are from.

GendersInX as an organisation will follow after the website is completely set up and we already have four Officers who are members here. After a much needed break with all of our personal issues that we have to deal with, we will be heading towards the incorporation as either non-profit or as a charitable status in Canada. Our goal will be to educate the general public on the conditions we have here in the forum itself.

As GendersInX is coming up on 3 years, we will have to busy ourselves in finding financial resources to keep up this forum. Although most of it is free, what we still pay for is the right to keep our domain name, access to the templates (the guts), keeping the large memory it takes for the pictures in that gallery (60mb storage, 10mb comes with the program) and the omission of the advertisements. Fortunately we don’t need much as it cost very little to run this forum which is about $60.00 per year ($4.95 per month paid on a yearly basis).

If you would like to contribute to this forum, check out the bottom line of any page and click on where it says contribution. There it will lead you to a page when you can securely add your contribution. In addition to that, I have set up a forum in where you can directly see what is being spent yearly. Those who have contributed do then have access to that forum and can ask any questions about it there.

All in all I must say I am quite pleased on how things are progressing with each of us giving a little encouragement and a little support to benefit the other. The great part of it all is that we all get it back ten fold and I think this is why the most of us come back here to relax with people who you ordinarily would not know otherwise.

Founder and Admin

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