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 Decent write up re: intersex and prequel...

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PostSubject: Decent write up re: intersex and prequel...   Tue 21 Sep 2010, 2:34 pm


I've been out of the loop for a bit due to circumstances that will be chronicled as I remember the sequence of events, lets say its related.

The link:

Thoughts gleaned out of the shifting storm of neuronal impulses:

I am "ramping" back up for work and the volumes of research I've been covering on bioethics and human creationist sociology (an academic anagram to mess with the med school admissions committees, my guides are rather unorthodox and are as stew stirry as I am. Mu summer was woefully (blessedly) free from internet connection.

I just had the unfortunate experience of some original thought going bye bye while typing here. It is frustrating...grrrr.

Most of my summer was spent returning to my roots and healing some unfortunately memories/experiences plus due to the small nature of the community I am from there was some current drama that didnt help.

Part of my impetus for taking a "sabbatical" was to decide if physicians assistant school was the right thing for me, lets say the application season has come and gone and I am closer to realizing my life's work in family medicine and that I would be much better served if I were to obtain a DO or MD and starting a rural medicine teaching clinic where I am from.

It is looking like medical school here in the states wont do me much good unless it is a rural-prime program with altered entry requirements. Thing I have going in are a lot of strange medical experience, multiple years of training in triage/and massage therapy, hospital administration, safety and workers comp administration, 5 years merchant sailor and all the training and testing the gov'ment is proud of..., and AA, public speaking/leadership cert (2 years). I am not the typical student and I have no idea how to skirt the issue other than to escape to Australia, UK, Canada or the Caribbean. The trouble with going abroad for medical school is that it makes getting a residency here in the states complicated though not impossible.

The US medical profession has been experiencing a negative 300% attrition rate for about the last decade and it is projected to climb to 500% in the next decade due to the baby boomers leaving the workforce. Part of the problem here in the states is that there is no incentive for going into fcm/gp actually the deck is stacked against by several conflicting variables; the entrance requirements for medical schools are often geared to weed out the "scientifically weak" students which unfortunately are some of the best and brightest clinicians. The MCAT (entrance exam) is what does the "weeding" and it is supposed to indentify good potential candidates for medical school. Most practicing clinicians when asked if they found the MCAT test and premed classes useful for med school will say, no, and that if they had to do it again would have focused on humanities and psychology, which paradoxically tends to make better clinicians. The high academic bar usually selects for clinicans interested in specialties all of which will make more money than fcm/gp and when they are faced with $200,000 in loans I dont fault them.

Perhaps a bottom up curriculum could sort this out, the top down is not.

If you have thoughts or comments please post. I enjoy the conversations here and it has been a while since I participated, its nice to be back.




It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. --Aristotle

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PostSubject: Re: Decent write up re: intersex and prequel...   Wed 22 Sep 2010, 12:37 am

Hey GJL: Great Are Tickle - we like muchly. Yes you do live in a quandary with up so many options down - the money tree is rapidly turning everyone from soldier to Indian Chief into wannabe billionaires - all very unlikely but driving a lexus to your private plane seems like such a hoot.

We look forward to seeing you sometime between now and Winter.

Connie and we went to Winthrop WA. in the RV - 312 miles in eight days - no more than forty miles between campsites. Lovely vistas - great museum in New Halem. Big Car Show in Winthrop so we camped on the other side and drove through.

Love you, Tom/Ms.G
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http://we forget...
Decent write up re: intersex and prequel...
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