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 Our mix of people here.

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Our mix of people here. Empty
PostOur mix of people here.

I am writing this post with fire in my heart and Iíll tell you why.

It has come to light that most people when faced with a subject of Intersex, automatically think that because they are consorting with those that are that they must be one too. Intersex had never been about a force of being, it is about a freedom to be whomever you feel is most comfortable, a personal choice.

Look at the many types of food we have in our grasp. If your peas and carrots are beside each other does that make them all peas ? If your apple and your orange are in the same fruit bowl, does that make them all oranges ? No, that is ridiculous right ? So why would people being beside each other in friendship automatically be the otherís values ?

Intersex is about being free to be the person we were born to be. In my case, I feel the effects of being xxy as my chromosomes are a mix of xx and xy. This I feel in certain instances where a manís and a womanís point of view differ but mine remains neutral, not siding with each one and perhaps finding another totally different solution having both sexes in mind. I dress how I wish, I choose what I wish and I feel natural doing so without the pressure of societyís influence on me. I was raised male and had male values but in time, those values meant nothing without the values of another side of me, making it a whole, sound and functional.

Others have really no choice, they are born with physical attributes of both sexes. They have a struggle all on their own and itís nothing that the likes of me can ever understand, and yet I try.

Others still do not find that they have a stronger feel for being a blend of the male and female and wish to be known as one or the other. That is fine too, as it is a freedom of choice. No one here forces you to be someone you are not. Yet somehow, when others express their beliefs of intersexuality, it is threatening to their own belief. Why ?

In essence, we are all people with so much in common. Why would we concentrate on the things that make us irreconcilably different ? Here on GendersInX, we have a mix of people from all sorts of backgrounds and views and yet we can put all that aside and be real with each other without any judgements on who you claim to be or who you are. We have proven that this can be done, we are doing that every day that we post here. One member describes us as chummy even. I think you will have to realise that this does not come natural, we have to work on it constantly ever understanding that we canít be in good spirits all the time, but we try for each other.

That, my dear friends, is what human companionship is all about.

Because we have a good camaraderie going. please donít feel you are intruding. Try to feel like you are joining the party, the group of people that will accept you for who you are and not put you into a category. We all welcome everyone that wants join us even just to say a word, a comment or something encouraging that would make a world of difference for someone. We take that and we give it back 10 fold. You should experience that at least once in your lifetime, you will find that it is addictive.

So really, intersex may not be you, it is me and itís all good.


If you want to world to be a better place
Take a look at yourself
And make the Change
-Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson
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Our mix of people here. :: Comments

Re: Our mix of people here.
Post on Tue 08 Jan 2008, 10:13 pm by Kimberly83

Let me just say for me personally, this site has never made me feel like I was being shoved in any direction. It has simply been a place where I can explore the possibility of being intersex and meeting the mostly wonderful people who are. I've always felt different, having TS, and not having a second X chromosomes, I don't know if I feel like a different form of woman, or if it's being intersexed, but just different than a normal woman, and my years spent at an all girls high school were awkward to say the least.

For me, I know that I can come here and be me, whether that's a woman or someone who is intersex, and know I will be accepted and have my desire to been seen whatever way I choose respected. That is definitely not something I can say of most places and of most people. That is what is so special about GendersInX...

Our mix of people here.

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