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 A sense of community

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PostA sense of community

Can anyone say what a community is ?

In the thesaurus, a community is described as a society, a cooperative spirit and as a group of people. Itís historical roots come from communes, such as the ones that were popular in the 1960ís. It was described as a place where people gathered in a sense of co-operation and a willingness to do well by another either through physical or moral means.

Donít you find it hard to come across a community and actually feel like you belong there ?

I do and I will bet that many others will agree with me. Itís hard to find a place where there is no judgements placed on you whether itís something that you believe, have done or simply the way you are. Too many times have we seen a controversy over who you are never mind what you believe in. Convincing people in an argument is just about impossible and yet you and I both know that there is a possibility that an equilibrium can be achieved if only people would listen and honestly think about it.

As members in GendersInX, each of us strive to achieve a sense of belonging where judgements of a person or character is left to the outside. This is a place of refuge for most, myself included. Here we can talk about our inner most feelings and still not be embarrassed or paranoid of what others think of us. We are who we are and no amount of arguments can change that. Here, we see an unique sense of community.

How we achieve this is quite simple actually : we are a positive people who want nothing but to bring out the best in another by giving a bit of ourselves.

Okay, Iíll admit that not everyone coming in has a positive attitude. This is something that has to be learned and we, as members in GIX (as we affectionately call it) strive to overcome certain prejudices that invoke negativity. We do this by helping each other out to see the flip side of things, we work it out by talking. In as many of us who have a sexual condition or syndrome, we can easily put blame on things that we have no control of. What if we took responsibility of ourselves and start to see the good things about our conditions/syndromes or even how to better handle situations that previously have gotten the worst of us.

This is the foundation of GendersInX, a community of positive thinking people that look out for one another. One thing GIX is not, we are not a click. We do welcome everyone that wants to learn about other people different from them and in turn learn about ourselves a bit more. If you have/are a condition not mentioned in , please do not hesitate to come in as we would like to learn about your challenges and your experience(s). We have forums dedicated to certain conditions/syndromes and more will be opened up as we grow as a community.

In GendersInX, you can help by growing with us.

If you want to world to be a better place
Take a look at yourself
And make the Change
-Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson
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A sense of community

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