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 GendersInX's first anniversary

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PostGendersInX's first anniversary

Well, here we are after one whole year of talking, ranting, crying, consoling, empathising, encouraging and supporting. This site has really come on itís own, it has made itís mark and I may be biased but this site is quite unique from all the other sites what weíve been with or visited.

People here actually care and want to learn. The latter is the key, to learn about other people in their situations and finally coming together as friends understanding each other. We are each unique in our ways: some here do identify as Intersex and some donít and are sympathetic. This is a good mix, one of the moderators here calls it a melting pot and he would be absolutely right.

In the past year, we have seen people come and go, most stay if only to read a little and move on. As long as they have gotten something out of this site, then it was all worth it.

We are a people here that have a deep innate interest in other people and what they go through. It may be a little daunting at first to be so honest and open, one could feel that a backlash could come in any time and then comes the self defence mechanism. Keep on waiting because it isnít going to come.

Sure, we all make mistakes and we do say the insensitive thing here and there and that only comes by not quite knowing your situation, it happens. In all reality, writing online isnít natural, we usually enjoy talking to people remarking on their tone, their facial expressions and their mannerismís but here we try to compensate by reading into what is written. That is a talent that not many coming in already have, this too must be learned.

What does help this is to accept the people here as they present themselves, there is no right and wrong about it. The other thing that helps is asking questions. When something is written it is usually best to ask questions about what was written or something in relation to that in order to get the complete picture of what the writer is trying to say: we all see things differently based on our own experiences.

A new member recently remarked that he sees that everything is closely monitored and moderated and he would be absolutely right. What isnít tolerated is purposeful disrespect at any level. We usually work things out by asking as to what things mean to particular people that way we all can see a different perspective.

In the very near future, would like to see more people come in with knowledge of a condition that is not present in GIX. Once they have identified themselves, we will immediately open a forum for that condition so that we all can learn something. Recently we added Kallmanís syndrome, something of which was new to us.

Nothing here is written in stone , all the categories you see here can be added to for a better understanding. I would like to expand the rooms where we share our thoughts on the world around and in us. If you have a suggestion for a new forum, category or feature please post it in the ďsuggestion boxĒ and it will be looked after. As far as new features, this site does get upgraded almost spontaneously and we the Admins have to learn to manipulate is to best suit GIX. There are currently features that I am presently working on and from time to time you will see a few changes present and then not. That is usually when I am working on something and putting it in to see if that works. Announcements of new features are always announced once they are working and feedback questions or comments are most welcome.

So there we have it, GIX is now a year old and much was thought of and implemented. Most importantly, GendersInX has caring members who look out for you and each other.

Thanks for everyone that make GendersInX a comfortable place to be in.


If you want to world to be a better place
Take a look at yourself
And make the Change
-Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson
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GendersInX's first anniversary

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