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GendersInX Rules & Guidelines
Show respect for others.
Please strongly refrain from trashing fellow members, other sites, any ethnic groups, sexual orientation, religious groups’ beliefs and concepts thereof. It will simply not be tolerated on this site.

Please refrain from swearing.
This is another form of disrespect. It not only leads to heated arguments but it is offensive to those who read the post as well. If you feel you must express yourself in expletives use those that are not sexual in nature, religion oriented or describing a body function.

Keep specific topics in their own forum.

It is most frustrating to have a post whose topic is bled in from another forum. For instance : a religious remark is to be left in the Faith forum and not in the one for the Gender Blending community. That goes for all forums as well.

Support a fellow member.
It is encouraged to give a good word to a member that needs it. We all have days where we feel a little down and it’s good to give some support to another to make up for the times we need it ourselves. This is what builds a community.

Report an offensive post.
Should you find a post that creeps under your skin for any reason, please report this post to the Moderator or Admin by private message (pm) and indicate where this post is and why you feel it is offensive. We like to say that we catch all these posts but we are just human as well. Your help in this matter is most appreciated.

GendersInX Code of Ethics.
This is a private forum and made so for everyone’s protection. Except in the cases where it is specifically mentioned, all forum contents cannot be viewed by anyone not a member of this forum. As the Founder and Administrator of , this is my expressed guarantee to you as an esteemed member.

Every written word as well as all pictures in this forum is to be kept private within the confines of the forum of . It is not only a sign of respect, it is also a moral obligation to adhere to the code of ethics of privacy attributed to every one of the members here. Under no circumstances, any post cannot be reproduced in whole or in part without the expressed consent of the Administration of and the consent of the contributor.

As important, any information about a contributor or member here cannot be transmitted to any other private forum, public forum (such as FaceBook or Twitter) and all forms of media without the expressed consent of both the Administration and the member of of whom this information pertains to.

Any breach of the Code of Ethics is to be reported immediately to the Administration team where actions will be put forth within a 24 hour period. reserves the right to amend this Code of Ethics as it sees the need to which a further announcement will be made at that time.