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 Dreager on Bioethics

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PostDreager on Bioethics
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Dreager on Bioethics :: Comments

Re: Dreager on Bioethics
Post on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 5:23 am by Gina
Here it is many thanks to Galen for finding a way .
Re: Dreager on Bioethics
Post on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 6:10 pm by galens47
Thank you Gina and others!

It was quite a cathartic experience and it loosened up a big plug.

This is a prime example of what I do. I'm a problem solver:

This comes to me naturally and yesterday's release was one of many I feel knocking at my heart. Each time I do a task like this one it gets me closer to my destination or as one said out of the tunnel.

Yesterday was such an amazing day I am so honored to have had the shared experience with you guys. We felt like a cohesive group reinforcing feelings and ideas and each doing a part of the dance that lead us to where we are now. if this was our first dance I am looking forward to our next!


Re: Dreager on Bioethics
Post on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 6:34 pm by TomMsG
Poetry has had me by the short and curlies these past few days... These are two responses to Tags by Daniel Yaryan...

Once upon a time Circus © tom odegard 6/20/10

We can smell the mix of dung,
straw, popcorn, and candy apples,
see the brilliant green chameleons for sale,
to one side of the gorilla's cage -
was he from the Colorado school of Mines
working his way through or was that Mind?
You can never be sure you are out of the big tent
even when you see it coming down after dark
surrounded by burly men in shadows, sackcloth,
bundling the canvas onto flatbeds;
ministers, preachers to elephants, trapeze artists,
and those multiple affronts to the binary: freaks.
Still freaks, we recognize our home by the smell,
the warm dark of others like us, holding us,
in the compost horse_apple, ticket_wrapper dust
even as the carnies give us our cut and help
those of us who need it.
Up close humans are all the same
desperately needing self - love - and
love from some acceptable other -
so we kill for it - kill everything alive
or long dead and pour it into the air.
Humans en mass? Ha! Suicides.

Circus Song © tom odegard Ė 6/21/10

Donít be kiddiní me honey ainít no Circus in the Real
the mindís full of candy canes and money on the wheel
grandiloquent magnanimity makes Bozos of us all
so the Zoot Suit Leader like the rest of us will fall.

Soon the muzak squeaks Jimiís Star Spangled tunes
while the horses jump arabesques upon poltroons
thereíll be mind slaughtered veterans waving the flag
as the carnies run the marks through a flat for a gag.

Yes you canít beat illusions for entertainment's sake
you canít deny beliefs by reasonable restraints
you might take a flyer at tyranny and shame
but the odds say youíll fail cause everyoneís insane.

You can search this weird from stem to stern
you can be a patriot, a tea man, or a turd
but youíll never find the outside of this circus train
'les you look inside your bias and trim your brain.
Re: Dreager on Bioethics
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Dreager on Bioethics

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