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 The Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon

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The Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon Empty
PostThe Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon

The Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon Suppor12

On this day, November the 8th 2007, in honor of the International
Intersex Solidarity Day, GendersInX is presenting the official
Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon in collaboration with the OII,
Organisation Intersex International.

This ribbon is a show of support for all people with congenital gender
variations and those who identify as Intersex. It is important that we
not only show by our actions that we are a strong people but that we
visually show our support, not only of those in our midst but for
ourselves, we who are struggling in social and medical circles because
of who we are.

This ribbon is offered in a gesture of solidarity and healing to all
people born with gender variations, regardless of their identity.
This is more than a piece of fabric; it is a symbol of our heartfelt
support for each other.

If you want to world to be a better place
Take a look at yourself
And make the Change
-Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson

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The Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon :: Comments

Re: The Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon
Post on Mon 26 Nov 2007, 3:49 pm by Andre
As this Ribbon process is getting bigger by the minute, I have come to realise that there is not time like the present to make GendersInX an official organisation.

In order for me to do that, I would need officers to be part of this endeavour. Open are the following positions :

Promotions manager
Representation of different Congenital Gender Variations

The above people would have to be vigilient and hard working as this is not a task to be taken lightly. There is much to do.

If you are interested in being part of this organisation, please make yourself aware to me by pm here or by email to

The Organisation will be based in Canada.

The Ribbon actualised
Post on Mon 07 Jul 2008, 6:34 pm by Andre

Today, GendersInX unveiled the Congenital Gender Variation Ribbon to the Intersex world where they can actually but the apparel with the ribbon printed on it. Here is what is written in this link :

In November of 2007, GendersInX, a grassroots intersex support group founded by Andre Lorek, unveiled this Ribbon and has given it to the Intersex communities worldwide. The Ribbon stands for the people we are no matter what gender we feel most appropriate individually. In a world where gender is being perversely attributed to doctrines that describe us as “sexually disordered” and in which the medical communities would rather normalise us, we have a symbol of unity and of combined strength to fight against those who would invisibilise us and pathologise our gender.

Wearing this ribbon shows the world that we are here to stay and that much is to be done for the world to recognise us as important Intersexed individuals. GendersInX believes that people are more than a condition. We are individuals with thoughts and feelings of our own and GendersInX is an organisation which helps to establish a certain pride in ourselves while helping others in the same situation.

July 9th, 2008 marks the date that GendersInX celebrates its 1st complete year. It is with all this in mind that GIX unveils a line of apparel with this printed ribbon as shown below.

The Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon Tanspa10

The apparels can be purchased from the online store which can be reached from any computer on earth. The list of apparel ranges from caps in various colors, T-Shirts, Polos, jogging apparel to cups, badges, magnets and more.

All proceeds of this line of apparel will go to the GendersInX organisation and the monies made from this will help to support the Intersex movement world wide.

On November the 8th, 2008, let’s celebrate Intersex Solidarity Day together by showing this Ribbon as a sign of solidarity and mutual support regardless of our differences.

The Organisation Intersex International is honoured that André Lorek is a coalition member of OII and we encourage others to support GendersInX by shopping online and showing your support of GENDER VARIATIONS.

Curtis E. Hinkle,
Founder, Organisation Intersex International

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Re: The Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon
Post on Mon 31 Mar 2014, 7:49 pm by Erin
Thank you for that, Andre.  If I had known about it earlier, then I have forgotten.  I will show support for this concept from now on in any way I can.


The Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon

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