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Greetings all,

Many of you are members at, please note that the site is down. The admins are aware of this problem and are working to sort it out.

Thank you,

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  A message to all present. Suppor12

On this day, November the 8th 2007, in honor of the International
Intersex Solidarity Day, GendersInX is presenting the official
Congenital Gender Variations Ribbon in collaboration with the OII,
Organisation Intersex International.

This ribbon is a show of support for all people with congenital gender
variations and those who identify as Intersex. It is important that we
not only show by our actions that we are a strong people but that we
visually show our...
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In association with, a blog has been set up for Klinefelter's awareness week starting the third week of March of any given year. It is important that we all make people aware of Klinefelter's not just for the purpose of the general public and of the Medical Profession, but mostly for those who have just dicovered that they have or suspect to have Klinefelter's Syndrome.

Our mission is to deliver awareness of Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY) and the education of those who could have it, the families in their lives as well as the medical community about the prevalence of it, the...
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These are the people that are involved at GendersInX.





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university of manchester LGBT society appear to have organised protest against Dr Kenneth Zucker from 10am outside The Lowry Hotel Manchester (event link on my profile) Friday 3rd December, though they refer to Zucker as "gay-cure" child psychologist, unsure if this is helpful or not to trans and intersex issues but I'm not involved with party political student groups. Will post link, any paid journalists covering this story?
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GendersInX is now optimized for browsing via mobile phones. We're still in the beta version of the feature, but you can now browse your forum with your smartphone. Right now, you can view but not post but we will be getting to that very soon.

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One of the strongest advocates for trans and Intersex inclusion in Canada and the one responsible for Trans inclusion in the Canadian charter of Rights.
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There was about 3500 at the rally this is what i look and sound like :-/

The full text of my speech

Speech to the marriage equality Rally November 2010-11-26
Welcome: today we have gathered to insist on the right of all people to marry irrespective of sex or gender.
The call for this right is often characterised as a call for “gay marriage” or “same sex Marriage” but that’s...
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CARES foundation springs to Dix Poppas defense. The Cares Foundation is one of the leading parents and doctors groups representing children with Congenital adrenal hyperplasia. This extremely homophobic organisation recommends the use of dexamethazone for pregnant woman as a way of preventing CAH children becoming lesbians. They also support Dix poppas performing experimental surgery on CAH children’s genitals to make them look "normal" and confirming the efficacy of his work by sexually stimulating them with a vibrator.
Close down this Organisation

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A good paper on CAH where it is argued that xx CAH does not need to equal woman
J Urol. 2010 Aug 19. [Epub ahead of print]

Should Male Gender Assignment be Considered in the Markedly Virilized Patient With 46,XX and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia?
Lee PA, Houk CP, Husmann DA.

Section of Pediatric Endocrinology, Riley Hospital for Children, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana; Departments of Pediatrics,...
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OII has been made aware of these changes by Ms Lisa Karma an assistant registrar with BDM.
The NSW registry is now prepared to make amendments to a birth certificate because of a mistaken assignment at the time of Birth.
Below is The part of the legislation that allows this and a case study supplied by Ms Karam.

Intersex individuals in NSW who wish to discuss this or make application to have their birth certificates amended should contact either Lisa Karam
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Does the publishing of a book with an Intersex central character lead to greater understanding and acceptance for Intersex people in general? Is it good for our community?

Well maybe not. Geoffrey Euganides book Middlesex uses as his central character a person with 5 alpha reductase , one of the many physical differences that can lead to intersex. A popular read even if not amongst Intersex .

Aside from the sugar coating of an Intersex life and the misrepresentation of 5 alpha reductase as a difference that inevitable leads to male like physicality and heterosexual outcomes,...
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"I am the third sex, not a man trying to be a woman. It is your society's problem that you only recognize two sexes." Mona Ahmed expressed her plight in a book written by Dayanita Singh “Myself Mona Ahmed”. Mona has sadly but daringly expressed that her being third sex is not her problem, indeed it’s our society’s problem as we have failed to explicitly give third sex a recognition and an appropriate place in our society and in our heart. It’s really disappointing to find that we still have the same old discriminative eyes to look at them and make mockery of them. All children are born...
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Dear OII Members.

I have followed up on a mail by Curtis in regard to two Intersex orphans in Uganda that are of concern to our good friend and ally Julius. K . Kaggawa.

I had two reasons to correspond with Julius the first my concern for the two infants referred to below and the second the current attempt to introduce homophobic legislation into Ugandan law. OII Australia in conjunction with Amnesty International and Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH)...
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Ms Semenya I never knew you.

The events surrounding the gold medal run by Ms Caster Semenya in August of this year has created a perfect storm of speculation around Intersex.

I know little about Ms Semenya save that she has, by winning a gold medal, brought the full force of sex binary enforcement and Intersexphobia down on her, apparently unsuitable, shoulders.

The word most frequently used to describe her outstanding abilities and differences is Hermaphrodite. This is not only a lie it is a vicious slander....
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To all Canadians;

Is there anyone interested in being a part of a new organisation that deals with all issues pertaining to Klinefelter's within Canada ?

The KSA organisation exists for many years in the UK and the United States. They deal with governmental aspects including the medical systems, social aspects and conferences with guest speakers.

As the United States and the UK have thier different systems, Canadians need a system whereby all aspects of Klinefelter's is addresses along with a a good list of Doctors and Endocrinologists that give a fair diagnosis...
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OII Australia has made the following submission to the Australian Human Rights Consultation
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CBX2: The Age of Chromosomes is Over!
By Sophia Siedlberg

The New Scientist (1) published an article about a seven year old girl who was "diagnosed" as having XY chromosomes, but has a uterus, ovaries etc. As usual the popular press described what the team in Zurich had found, led by Dr Anna Biason-Lauber as a girl who had violated the rules of "maleness" and she therefore "provided a key to understanding how maleness works". There is however a bit of a bombshell for all those Chromosexuals out there who get sexual satisfaction in condemning such...
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In a relatively short time we will be coming up to our 3rd anniversary of GendersInX’s existence here in this server (GIX originated Feb 9th 2006 in another). As it started from humble beginnings, GIX has blossomed to the Forum you see now and I am certain that will continue to expand not only in knowledge but be rich in the people herein.

I would like to keep you apprised on the different projects that have been going on in GendersInX :

Lawrence was heading up the Peer Support team but due to the lack of participation we have decided to give Lawrence...
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Well, here we are after one whole year of talking, ranting, crying, consoling, empathising, encouraging and supporting. This site has really come on it’s own, it has made it’s mark and I may be biased but this site is quite unique from all the other sites what we’ve been with or visited.

People here actually care and want to learn. The latter is the key, to learn about other people in their situations and finally coming together as friends understanding each other. We are each unique in our ways: some here do identify as Intersex and some don’t and are sympathetic. This is a good mix,...
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When I started GendersInX, I had come from a site that talked about Klinefelter's Syndrome to the most intimate detail. This was, I was a moderator there. I had chatted with a lot of people there not just about Klinefelter's but about everything.

In that time, I had met a person with Turner's Syndrome and I was intrigued with her attitude and how similar we actually were even though our conditions are very much different. That got me thinking that there must be more conditions that strike a similar chord.

I looked it up in the Internet and found four conditions...
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Can anyone say what a community is ?

In the thesaurus, a community is described as a society, a cooperative spirit and as a group of people. It’s historical roots come from communes, such as the ones that were popular in the 1960’s. It was described as a place where people gathered in a sense of co-operation and a willingness to do well by another either through physical or moral means.

Don’t you find it hard to come across a community and actually feel like you belong there ?

I do and I will bet that many others...
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Taken from InterXsites

GendersInX started when I was neck deep into moderation of another site that dealt with Klinefelter’s and all aspects of it. In amongst the many posters, a woman who had Turner’s Syndrome came on to find out what Klinefelter’s was all about. I was amazed on how much we had in common as much as I was interested on our differences...
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Taken from InterXsites

Some of us hear the above title and immediately think this is only for Intersex and “other” conditions.

Not so. Let’s break the wording down.

“Congenital” basically means of what we were born with. When I looked up congenital in the Word documents’ thesaurus, they describe it as present at birth, innate, inborn, inherited and hereditary. There is all kinds of Congenital variations including...
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I am writing this post with fire in my heart and I’ll tell you why.

It has come to light that most people when faced with a subject of Intersex, automatically think that because they are consorting with those that are that they must be one too. Intersex had never been about a force of being, it is about a freedom to be whomever you feel is most comfortable, a personal choice.

Look at the many types of food we have in our grasp. If your peas and carrots are beside each other does that make them all peas ? If your apple and your orange are in the same fruit bowl, does that...
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The Online Community for Parents.
Connecting Families Living with Congenital Gender Variations
in Children or their Parents.

I am proud to announce that this site is now open to Parents. Invited are Parents of a child or children of a Congenital Gender Variation (CGV) or Parents that are a CGV themselves. This site is run by Parents.

The theme is centered around the home life of a Parent and what concerns and issues we encounter to share. is strictly moderated for the safety for all members. The address...
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To date GendersInX has made much headway in it's young life. Let's recap on what has been done.

February 2007, GendersinX was born in another server. The server was very limited and the storage even more, so after 31 members and over 1600 posts later, it was time to move to another location but what was apparent, was that there was a need for people to get to know each other in thier perspective condition, what we have in common.

June 2007, GendersInX re-opened it's doors here, in the new server and the changes in it's look and feel has progressed ever so slightly but definite....
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This is taken from an article in the OII. I thought it best to include it here, since GendersInX is a support group and is ever expanding to bring those little know conditions to the forefront.

The article can be found here :

Terms such as "abnormal",...
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Hi Folks;

So, how do you like the new site ?

We had changed over from the easyfreeforums because I was not happy with a lot of the features there including privacy.

This site boasts many features but most of all it has a better security than the other and it can hold more posts without slowing us down.

If any of you have a hard time reading anything, please make it known by sending me a private message and I see to it that we have this resolved.

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The GendersInX site from easyfreeforum will be closed a week from the date of this site's Domain name change.

If you would like to take your topics or posts from that site, you can do so by cutting and pasting it to a word document or directly to here.

When the forum is closed, I will not be able to access it in any shape or form.

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That might have worked for Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams, but not on GendersInX.

Here we need people to talk about thier conditions in the view of teaching another. Not everyone knows about your particular condition but you do. You may not know it 100%, it is not expected of you to know it all.

We would like to get to know not only you but what you go through. You will find that there are others of different conditions that have gone through practically the same thing.

You might be shy or you might think that a judgement may pass on you. It won't,...
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Did you know that ?

No only are you dealing with whatever medical issues you have, you are dealing with your own issues to yourself and how you relate to others.

A person not seeing all these issues would have given up a long time ago, but not folks like us. We keep on going and deal with things on a constant basis.

I find that is nothing short of courage, a whole bunch of it. Our conditions are our strength, not a weakness. Sure, we get down about it sometimes and we build friendships to help us through those tough times.

Keep at it and know that another...
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